CNC Seron-HD W

  • High-rigid & Super-hard Design
  • Apply imported straight rails which are more rigid, precise, durable and less noisy.
  • Industrial castiron machine with surface finished by gigantic plane to guarantee hardness, rigidity and precision.
  • Axis Y is driven by two engines simultaneously which is faster and steadier.
  • World popular vacuum inhaling table which is time-saving, power-saving and safe to operate.
  • Great Value-added Services
  • At your choice: 128M Memory, Flash Memory Disk, Spindle of 3000W, Dust-collecting Device, Vacuum
  • Inhaling, Automatic Knife Changing System.
  • It is applicable to processing and making advertisement logo, 3D mould of lamp and case, founding mould, 3D enchasing, wave panels, aluminum plate cutting and large architectural mould