CNC Seron-SK

  1. Advanced Control System
    Advanced DSP numerical control system and large liquid crystal display brings out much convenient operation and simpler maintenance.
    Special intelligent pre-calculating system fully develops the potential of the engine and leads to high speed processing of smoother curves and straight lines simultaneously.
  2. Large Memory and Perfect Data Transmission
    Large internal memory of 32M is enough to simultaneously store more than 30 processing files which can be read freely.
    Apply USB interface (plug and play) to communicate with computer under the system of win98/NT/2000/XP, which can instantly complete transmission.
  3. Powerful Compatibility
    Internationalized directives ensure that it is compatible with CAD / CAM software like type3/ artcam/ castmate/ proe/ UG/ Artcut etc, home and abroad.
  4. Intelligent and Humanized Design
    It is able to continue engraving when the electricity is cut off or the tool is broken.
    Intelligent control of spindle makes it able to auto-start and auto-stop, which is more safely, convenient and power-saving.
  5. Powerful Diamond Drill
    Powerful frequency changing spindle enables the machine to cut organic glass of 30mm~50mm thick in one cut.
  6. Applicable Fields
    It is applicable to processing and making advertisement logo, 3D mould, founding mould, wood and architectural mould.