Multi Spindle Cylind

  1. The lathe is founded by industrial pipe welding, box-type structure to ensure the high stability
  2. The Special instruments to eliminate welding stress, high-precision machining planer ensure the precision and no deformation.
  3. The major machine body makes more stability and no shacking in high speed.
  4. XYZ all apply imported screw, high precision gear frame and linear guide ,ensure the high accuracy .
  5. The professional mechanical design, scientific structure and generous appearance.
  6. Humanization design, multi-use of one machine,special sutible for different process requirement
  7. Cylinder engraving: mainly used to process kinds of cylinders,releif of abnormity object ,crutch and cylinder crafts
  8. Plane engraving:Antique furniture with relief carving,wood carving ,furniture making,,insturment making,3D light box making,,aluminum composite panel etc.
  9. Widely used in big area wood engraving,furniture engraving,solid wood engraving,high density board of door and window engraving etc.
  10. Opional :It can be customized more large format and speical format models,and it can be optional standard configuration spinddle or importing spindle and other speical configure