Customer Care

Customer Service and Technical Support

The key to success for any project starts from getting the right supplier, and you get a high-tech exporter dealing with your equipment problems, and also to gain a reliable & directly source to provide the necessary follow-up to the process of production of raw materials.
So we in the ALARBYIA put the customer service in our top priority, and make sure that all the equipment is working efficiently under every condition. If you looking for a supplier, or a technical support. Our expert support center will be happy to respond to your call and your query when contacted.

ALARBYIA is proud to have a high potential to provide all after-sales customer services, however, ALARBYIA does not provide all the raw materials and spare parts for equipment only, it have a full “special technical department” that composed of professional technicians are ready to provide any assistance required in the installation operations, maintenance rotating, and even remote support service.

Why after-sales service of ALARBYIA?

ALARBYIA is a Libyan local company, has a history and extensive experience in the advertising industry for more than ten years, and during all this period, however, ALARBYIA has advanced leadership in the field of Libya advertising industry, and may reflect the result of the advanced successful work with many major & Minor local companies, and all are see the extent and efficiency of the ALARBYIA services. The technical and after sales services of the Arab characterized thus:

  • Technical experienced & talented support team.

  • The supply of high quality and efficiency machines and equipment.

  • Immediate delivery to any requests for raw materials or spare parts.

  • Ease of communication and direct access and reply.

  • Periodic follow-up and communication with the client.

  • Provide technical advice and consulting.

  • Ensure the distinctive and exclusive services.

  • Competitive prices for the global market with the best solutions.

  • You get a local service saves you a lot of time and cost.


How to get support services from ALARABYIA?

Whether you are a previous client or new, When you dealings with ALARABYIA, you will enjoy all the technical support services that you need, and the technical team will be ready to help you with any request, and to periodic follow-up to ensure each Your Machine and equipment are working fine. ALARABYIA prides itself to obtain many successful agreements work, and it very happy with the customers high level of satisfaction about the level of services provided.

What the technical support service from ALARABYIA offer?

The technical support after-sales service provided by the ALARABYIA saves you a lot of effort and cost, the non-local foreign contracts are always incomplete and not so good results, especially in the request for raw materials and spare parts, and even periodic maintenance needed for equipment operations.
The “Technical Department” of ALARABYIA would be happy and always available to meet the requests of the following services:

  1. Sale and supply of all Ad & printing machinery and equipment.
  2. Provide all print raw materials, inks, and any special printing chemicals operations, and support its finishing operations.
  3. Provide all your needs of spare parts and the main complementary, with maintenance and replacement service.
  4. Periodic follow-up for each equipment, with the training and rehabilitation of workers on the equipment and raise their competence in working with it.
  5. Disassembly operations and transport and recombination.
  6. The direct answer to your requests and your query remotely, or through one of our agents in the region near you.
  7. Provide technical consulting and private development and technical upgrading.

Customer Satisfaction

We in the ALARABYIA believe that the core values in the work embodied in the guarantee, impartiality, the follow-up development and innovation, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors, and our focus has led to these points to gain customers satisfaction and partners, and enabled ALARABYIA to be of the highest corporate rank in provide distinctive services and global standards in the advertising industry.