Konica – KM512

The nozzle of KONICA 512 is lined by 360 dpi resolution, which is double of the same products in this industry.

The printing resolution by 2 pass is equal to that of other machines by 4 pass and has higher color saturation.

*4 heads staggered technology;
*2pcs D80 thick rubber rollers feed + balance bar;
*Secondary ink tank , ink circuit heating system;
*Unique ink stack printhead protection device;
*Reserved suction outlet connecting to the vacuum
*cleaner, high suction pressure to suck the remaining ink in the printhead surface;
*Stepless height adjustable of printhead;
*Subsection printing platform suction, streng wind to ensures smooth;
*Advanced motion system,ink-supply system, Machinery Manufacturing systems;
*Three-stage adjustable temperature heating for materials;
*Taiwan HIWIN linear lead trail;
*Professional media feeding system (optional);
*The machine is working with Konica512 42pl, 35pl and 14pl printer heads, and with 4 or 8 head configuration;
*High-performance control system.
*The packing is designed can be seperated, can load 8 sets with a 40HQ container, max save shipping cost

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