Solvent Eco Printer

*The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese  eco solvent printers;
*Standard double printheads design, double printing speed compared with single printhead;
*Automatic feeding and collecting structure;
*Two printheads design with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system;
*The machine through different quality tests is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement .
*1440dpi overturns the highest resolution of traditional printers which leads the resolution of large format outdoor printing to a new standard.
*Your new profit pattern will be established and new business opportunity
will be discovered.
*Support two rolls of media printing together, 50% enhanced in speed.

Advanced software functions
Ⅰ. high-efficient printing while printing;
2.print selected area;
3.skip white in X and Y printing directions; media sensor for setting print origin automatically(3 picture positions: left, middle and right);

Ⅱ.printing quality enhanced

1.three feather printing modes :moisted, gradient, wave;
2.simple printhead calibration mode can be easily controlled by operators;
3.micro adjustment of printhead voltage;

Ⅲ.human-based functions

1.options of automatically sensing or manually setting media origin;
2.adjustable speed during printing;
3.operations both in computer interface and machine control panel;
4.automatic and constant ink system cleaning function;

Ⅴ. ink saving function

1.options for single head cleansing or double heads cleansing;
2.options for light, medium and heavy printhead sucking;

Ⅵ. printhead lifespan prolonged

1.All color channels can be exchanged freely so as to prolong the printhead lifespan.

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