Sublimation Printer

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◆printing speed, quality and stability arecompare favourably with Japanese similar Epson printer,
fully guarantee the printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum beams,servo motor, stable machine rack

◆Professional feeding material system is suitable for non elastic fabric, it can transit coth material stably to ensure textile printing speed

◆Two Epson Dx5 high precision printhead ranked of twin-row, textile printing speed is two times of single head printer;

◆No Plate, it’s suitable for production of flags and banners;

◆4 color and 6 color ink combination,it can connfigurate ink color according to the requirement of the painted design;

◆Constant temperature heating heater box:
heat up quickly,good sealing can ensure the constant temperature;

◆Smoke evacuation filtering system of environment protection:
it can filter sublimation smoke effectively to keep clean environment;

◆Open type sublimation ink for ink supply system:
fluent sublimation ink compatible with many brands,customers can control textile cost flexibly.

◆Products applied widely
Direct print sail flags ,national flags,block flags,Shark Fin flags,holiday flags,car flags,hand flags,
table cloth,etc.They are widely used for handbag, shop window background, indoor decoration,
4S shop picture, sand pants, shirts, curtain, flag, banner, ad umbrella, tent, etc.

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